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We search, we create, and we manage for you. We make you win.

Affordable, accurate, end-to-end service.

Choose the right support to create winning bid proposals for your RFPs

We're committed to growing your business by helping you find, manage and win the best International bidding opportunities.

We provide a turnkey bid response service at reasonable prices, no matter if you're a small business or a big company, we operate worldwide with the highest levels of quality on the market.




We Find

Unlike our competitors, which rely on automatic software or consultants that throw ideas and expect you to deliver them, we use a trustful network of real expert proposal writers worldwide. Our experts find the right opportunities to grow your business based on your business goals and keep you updated with the best options for your growth. We find the right vendors to make your proposal the most reliable of the pile.

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We Create

It's all about timing and experience, and with us, you're already one step towards the goal. Our one-of-a-kind service is intended to support you all in one, from assessing the market, product, and competitors to creating the opportunities to grow your pipeline. We keep track of deadlines to free up your time and resources and let you focus on your core business.

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We Manage

Our team is made up of marketers, analysts, designers all focused on the single goal of enhancing your qualities, downplaying your weaknesses while creating a tailor-made proposal for you and your goals, making it stand out from the others. It doesn't matter if you don't have time and resources or need to start from scratch, or need another professional perspective.

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Project Management

We take the whole bidding process, we team up with your staff and we make it done for you from A to Z. Our flexibiiìlity enables us to take total control or roleplay as needed. As a result, you won't miss any deadline, and we ensure your RFQ is complete and compliant. Consider it done.

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Scalable strategy

We're committed to boosting your business. That's why we partner with you to pursue the scaling goal. You set the pace, and we're always ready to increase our support and outlook rapidly. We never leave you alone. We create a solid relationship made up of follow-ups and suggestions.

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Quality guaranteed

We care. That's why we have created a structured process on three levels of control. Every single part is analyzed by at least three different team experts, from proofreading to attachments and questionnaires.

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Asthetics matters, and so does the visual presentation. Our design and marketing experts will make your proposal response shine and stand out. We know how to win bids from innovative graphic designs, persuasive copywriting, competitor market research and expert pricing models.

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Team Player

We’ll incorporate your team, as an extension of it, brainstorm, take over the hard work and we point to the common goal together.

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Human, No Software

We use the best tools and artificial intelligence on the market, but we truly believe in the value added that only empathy and human intelligence can provide.

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Outsourcing with us doesn't mean you don't have control. We keep you up-to-date step by step  through innovative technologies, human communication, debriefing lessons learned and status correspondence.

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Quality with Fair Prices

Yes, there’s a way to make successful biddings without giving an arm and a leg. Here’s the secret: we can count on a solid network of experts spread all over the world ready to team up with designers, marketers, copywriters and more, to create the perfect proposal within thin deadlines.

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