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Mu​​ltinational Genomic R&D Company

INDUSTRY: Healthcare
LOCATION: Worldwide


This top-notch company was looking for new growth opportunities to set up PCR testing laboratories and/or supply test kits. It was also necessary to understand how to move in the international scenario in light of the developments of COVID-19 variants and the pricing policies chosen by governments and health systems around the world.


Our marketing experts immediately investigated and outlined the price trends of COVID-19 tests and the different health policies adopted by various governments worldwide.


To carry out an even more complete and specialized analysis, they have outlined the economic trends for the next few years in the "COVID-19 market" and what impacts they have or will tend to have on economies worldwide.


The result was a fascinating and specialized market research carried out in record time, which saw various professional figures' involvement, from marketers to researchers, from designers to technical writers.


Our client was able in a short time to devise positioning strategies on the most attractive markets and, at Tendi, we are proud to have assisted him in the entire process, from the discovery of opportunities to the analysis of strengths and weaknesses up to participation in tenders.

Get to know more about the PCR market research in this blog post.

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