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Looking for an uplift to your current proposal or for a professional benchmark before submitting what you've already prepared? Or maybe you're completely stuck with technicalities, and you don't know where to start? Not enough time and resources to bid?



After a first phone call completely free, we carry out a high-level assessment to define the strengths and weaknesses of your company offerings and how to bid effectively and let you win. Don't be discouraged. Regardless of whether your company is an expert bidder or new to the game, we are ready with a strategy to convert weaknesses into successes.


We let you focus on what matters for you, and our dedicated experts will partner with you with flexibility, passion, and determination. They'll guide you through the procurement process – from gathering market research and responding to RFIs, to crafting your RFP response, creating competitive pricing models and evaluating your competitors, or we take the whole process in hand and provide you with a tailor-made, turnkey service.



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You have a free discovery call with one of our experts. We assess your business, markets, and products. Our common goal is to identify relevant bidding opportunities and scale them.


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If there is a fit, we build up the best proposal based on your business goals, budget and market potential.


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We submit the perfect proposal, on time and on point.


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After the result, we follow-up with you with a retrospective meeting about lessons learned.




Ideal for: companies that want to outsource the entire RFP proposal process

Whether you're a big corporation with an existing proposal team and you need to free up your resources or if you’re a SME without bidding experience, this offer is for you. 

We dont believe in long-term commitment unless you want it. That's why our packages have monthly prices.

You can cancel anytime.

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Ideal for: small or big companies looking for the market's most relevant opportunities on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

With cutting-edge technologies and the most performance tools on the market, our premium quality analyst service provides you with the most suitable and

up-to-date bidding opportunities.

We let you save time and money. Your team members are free of time-consuming and expensive tasks.


Ideal for: companies, small or big, that have specific requirements and / or need somebody to take over the entire bidding process, from A to Z.

Whether you need to start from scratch or look for another professional benchmark for the proposal you're about to submit, we create responsive solutions for our clients, typically based on hourly or monthly packages.

As an entrepreneur, he has founded multiple startups, increased revenues by over $ 15 million, and successfully exited two companies.

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This is our special offer, ideal if you want to taste the ground with us.
We usually quote 10-30 hours for a first RFP response depending on available content and  the bidding’s goal. Subsequent bid proposals usually take 5-15 hour range depending on RFP requirements.

Get in contact with us to learn more!

Why US

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We value the trade-off quality - quantity

We know every business is different. Our experts are prompt to realize a strategy based on your competition, complexity, entry barriers, and every market variable that helps create your unique selling proposition. Our service formula is one of a kind and amazes even the most experienced customers at how fast we deliver high-quality responses.

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We value your time and resources

We quickly evaluate opportunities and give you feedback on whether to proceed or not considering your company's capabilities and resources. We take care of all the heavy lifting so that you and your team members can invest your time efficiently on what you care most.


We make you win

After years of experience, we have drafted thousands of proposals so that we know how to create persuasive content and compelling proposals that make your companies’ capabilities stand out from the crowd.  We find the most effective way to realize winning tender responses.


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We have affordable prices

RFPs processes have never been so cheap. We know how to scale, literally. That's why we have created a worldwide distributed team of experts that know how to deliver the best-in-class quality at a lower price. Thanks to a combination of AI technology, quality support, and other trade secrets, we deliver one of the most inexpensive human RFQ responses. You will be surprised. Just find it out.


Leave your details and we will send you relevant bidding information for your company today. No Spam we promise

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