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The cheapest PCR test worldwide? In India, China and Israel.

According to Allied Market Research, the multi-million-dollar COVID market will grow by 3-5% and will only reach its peak in 2023.

Although all governments in the world have stepped up the pace of vaccination campaigns, the variants of the coronavirus are pushing the "COVID-19 economy" towards dizzying numbers.

If we stick to these predictions, we must therefore get used to the idea that tests, PCR or antigenic, will become an integral part of our lives for at least the next two years.

Tendi,, a new start-up, at the forefront of consulting for small and large companies in bidding government processes has carried out, upon request of one of their important customers, a market research to verify the current price of PCR tests globally.

We will consider the RT-PCR test as considered the most accurate of all, although predictions believe that antigen-based testing is expected to expand at the fastest rate over the next few years.

Here is what we have found out.


Let us start with the most expensive in the world, Japan. Japan holds the sad record of the nation with the highest cost of PCR TEST at the airport with a range that goes from $256 up to $404.

In Indonesia, where COVID-19 infections make it the hardest-hit nation in Southeast Asia, the PCR test price is 30% more than the average monthly income. That is why it is one of the least affordable nations in the world.

As well as in Indonesia, in the Philippines, RT-PCR has an extremely high price if we consider the average monthly income with a cost of $76-$100.

To find lower prices we must move to India, where prices are regulated by the government. Depending on the region, a PCR Test costs $6.5 (Rajasthan, Maharashtra) up to $20 in West Bengal. However, bearing in mind that if we consider the average monthly income, the PCR Test cost represents 13% of it.

Also in China, getting tested is relatively cheap: only $12.32 per PCR Test.

On the other hand, the cheapest PCR tests in private laboratories are found only in Israel.

Getting tested in Israel is cheap with a range price of $25-30 at the airport, and the lowest price of $30 provided by AID Genomics through its partners around the country. Other laboratories escalate to $99. It is not convenient for home testing with a price of $149, whilst hospitals and clinics charge Israeli citizens $70 USD up to 220 USD and $290 USD for non-Israeli citizens.


In Europe, the situation changes significantly, and the cost can vary from €40 to € 190 depending on the country.

The cheapest one is Belgium with a PCR Test price of €40.44. In Germany it goes from €60 to €80 in main cities testing centres, Centogene and Ecocare and airports, whilst the Coronatest Group in Berlin, Frankfurt, Hannover and Cologne charges €49.99.

In Austria, the cost depends on the place it is taken. In Covid Test Station you can take a PCR Test for €57, whilst at Vienna Airport the cost escalates to €69 per adult and to €49 if you are under 18.

Greece has decided to set itself apart from the prevailing opinion and opted for a fixed price: €60 for a PCR Test and €20 for the antigenic one.

In Italy, the PCR Test price stands between €60 and €80. Synlab, a private laboratory, charges 50€ and raises the price to 60€ if you ask them to have the result in English and up to €100 if you ask for results within 24 hours.

In the Netherlands, Eurofins, the cheapest laboratory, charges €80.

In Portugal, on the other hand, you can be tested for €60-€65 if you go to Red Cross facilities. However, do not expect to pay less than €100 if the private laboratory is your unique option.

Moving to Spain, we find prices that shift from €98 to €120.

In Croatia, testing centres charge between €65 and €113.

If you have planned a vacation to Malta, be aware of the fact that you are required to get tested once you enter the country. You can check the closest private center in one of the country’s tourist offices websites. Prices escalate up to €140.

If France is your holiday destination, we inform you that starting from the 7th of July French authorities will start charging foreigners who need to get tested before coming back home. A PCR Test costs €49 and an antigen €29.


In the UK, PCR tests price goes from £50 to £150 and an antigen test starts at £9.99. As for the airports, London Gatwick charges the cheapest one, £60, whilst the other major airports charge no less than £80.


Considering the American continent, the USA registers the most expensive prices. While in private laboratories are only $100, in hospitals prices vary dramatically and they go from $20 to $1.419 with an average cost of $148.

In Canada, private laboratories and airports charge almost the same price: $150 in the private labs and $159 at the airports.

In Latin America, one of the most devastating regions by Covid outbreak, getting tested is somehow prohibitive and not accessible to everybody if we consider the average monthly income. Prices of PCR Tests at the airports range from $50 (Belize) to $150 (Peru) depending on the country. In Peru, the cost of a PCR Test represents 30% of the monthly income.


In Egypt, the local government provides Covid-19 tests at a cost of $107 for foreigners and $80 for Egyptian. On the other hand, if you get tested at the airport the price drops down to $30.

In the most populous African country, Nigeria, prices have lowered if compared to the ones registered in May 2021. They came from a range of $90-$130 to $75-$125.

Things are going better in the richest country on the continent, South Africa, where the PCR test costs $60 at private laboratories and only $42 at the two major airports in Cape Town and Johannesburg.

The current situation and the evolution of the virus lead to forecast an increase in the revenues of the diagnostic industry, currently estimated at between $ 20 and $ 85 billion and with the maximum peak not yet reached, but foreseeable between 2022-2023. Getting tested will be a part of our lives for a long time to come.

To find the lowest prices, we must move to India and China, but pay attention to the ratio between average monthly income and cost, because absolute numbers can be misleading. PCR Tests in Israel are among the lowest in the world: $ 25-30 at the airport and $30 at AID Genomics private laboratories.

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