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Discover career opportunities with Tendi

  • How much time before the deadline you usually fine tune and present the proposal?
    We’re used and prompt to succeed in any emergency. Our writers work around your schedule, and are able to meet even the most aggressive deadlines.
  • What if our proposal must be really structured and full of details?
    No worries, that’s where we help.
  • Do you offer consulting services to help my existing team?
    Yes, we help you create a frictionless bidding process where your team can feel comfortable looking for new opportunities smoothly.
  • What’s the price of your services?
    It’s difficult to say, not because we have something to hide but because of our wide experience we perfectly know that every company is unique as well as every bidding opportunity has different requirements. We tailor-make and customize each single offer. So Let’s call us for a free consultation and a free quote.
  • How can I join the team?
    We’re open to welcome new experts. Please have a look at our Careers section
  • Do you guarantee that I can win with you?
    We can guarantee about the highest levels of quality, efforts, detail-oriented work so that your proposal is perfect, submitted on point, on time and on the shortlist. Not only that, we will follow up as much as possible to push your proposal to the top of the pile. However, results depend on several factors not only linked to our specific work. For example, a company's product offering, financial stability, insurance, reputation, competition etc.
  • We have never completed a bidding, are you able to help us from scratch?"
    Of course, we’re used to serving many different industries, taking the hassle and headache out of the bidding process for small, medium and large companies, no matter what the starting point is or the goal we must reach.
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